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Saturday & Sunday AM photoshoot - behind the scenes

Last week Simon Delaney, Ivan Yates & Anna Daly called into the Photosbyjen studio at Fashion City for their photoshoot for the new Saturday Am & Sunday AM programmes.  
The excitement was high, as was the humour, when the banter between Simon and Ivan got into full swing.  There were lots of laughs and if what I witnessed is anything to go by, the programmes, when they start at the end of August, will be worth tuning in for.  Anna Daly, a word to the wise, you may need help in the months ahead with laughter lines because I reckon there will be lots of laughs when the show begins.

Of course with every photoshoot comes a wardrobe and stylist, Clementine MacNeice, had a number of options for the three presenters to choose from.

Barbara from was on hand to do hair & make-up.

With wardrobe sorted, it was time to sit down with the production team to discuss the day's shoot.

And so to work...with the lovely Ivan...

As always, its so easy to photograph Anna... And h…