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Top 4 Makeup Artists

I get asked all of the time to recommend makeup artists for the big day. It's such an important part of the wedding, every bride wants to look and feel her best on their wedding day so there really is no room for error when it comes to the makeup. It is so, so important to research the makeup artist you have in mind and to meet with them before the wedding to discuss what style you're thinking of going with and to have a trial so that you are happy on the day. Every bride wants to feel confident and comfortable on their wedding day. So this week I thought I'd share my top 4 recommended makeup artists! 

1) Derrick Carberry

Derrick is one of my absolute favourite people to work with in the wedding industry. Derrick is not only a fantastic makeup artist, he is also a very genuine and lovely guy. Girls love to have Derrick around on the morning of the wedding because he has a very unique way of putting everyone at ease and creating a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Very often, Mum's get stressed about the wedding day and he is just brilliant at calming them down, reassuring them and making them feel amazing about their makeup too. I would highly recommend Derrick, he is an incredible makeup artist and just so talented and professional. (Instagram @derrick_carberry)

2) Paula Callan from Callan & Co

Paula is renowned in her field , not only with bridal makeup but with magazine and commercial shoots too. I very often bump in to Paula not just when I am shooting weddings but when I'm shooting for a TV programme or magazine. Paula has her own signature style that many women just love. Her bridal makeup is simply beautiful and the bride is always thrilled with the finished product. (Instagram @paula_callan_makeup)

3) Lisa Shannon 

Lisa is one of the nicest artists I have worked with, she is so lovely and down to earth. Not to mention her makeup is just outstanding! She specialises in brows and will always create a stunning, individual look for each girl on the morning of the wedding. I often hear the brides Mum asking for "only a little makeup" and she delivers exactly what they want every time. It's really important to have a makeup artist who listens to what kind of look you're going for and won't disregard any preference you may have. (Instagram @lisa_shannon_makeup)

4) Michelle Ragazolli

I bump into Michelle quite a bit at weddings, and when it comes to celebrity wedding she is very often the brides choice for makeup.  We recently worked together for Rosie Connolly and Kerrie Brady's wedding, both brides looked amazing!  Michelle is so lovely and great to work with. She is renowned for her beautiful makeup style and she too is a celebrity makeup artist. (Instagram @mrsmakeup_ie)


The reason I've picked these incredible makeup artists as my top four is because time schedule on the morning is just so important and these makeup artists are so efficient and will never keep anyone waiting or delay the morning in any way. I very often arrive to a bride on the morning and things are already running behind schedule, for me a running order is essential on the morning. This ensures that everyone is on time and the bride isn't late walking up the aisle.

These makeup artists will also always have your vision in mind and will make you feel amazing on your big day. Everyone has a different style and preference and I guarantee they will deliver exactly what you're looking for. I hope you found this post useful, and as always thank you for reading!
Love, Jenny x


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