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Winter Fashion

I've noticed so many shops have the most gorgeous winter collections out at the moment and I get asked all the time to recommend shops and where I buy clothes from myself. So this week I thought I'd share some of my favourite shops and the winter clothes they have in stock at the moment. I'll be talking mostly about Zara , Karen Millen, Penneys, Mint Velvet, Bershka and H&M.

I'll start with one of my all time favourites, Zara. I absolutely adore the clothes from here. Not only is it great quality and gorgeous but it's also very reasonably priced. I've bought so many shirts,blouses and jumpers over the years from Zara and I get great wear out of them and they stay in good condition. They have so many gorgeous jumpers and coats in at the moment, perfect for the cold weather we've been getting recently.

Next up is Karen Millen, I just adore the clothes from here. I get all my outfits for Ireland AM's Camera Club from them. They have some gorgeous jumpers and winter coats in at the moment that I just love,  I always have to drag myself out of this shop! They have stunning skirts and dresses too. I loved my leather skirt I wore for this months Camera Club, so comfy and went so well with my knit jumper, perfects for this weather too. Karen Millen is a fantastic place to get a gorgeous outfit in the lead up to Christmas.

Next up is Penneys! Im amazed at the clothes Penneys has in at the moment. So gorgeous and so affordable. They have so many gorgeous boots, scarves, woolly hats and jumpers, perfect for layering up on a cold day. Definitely a great option if you're looking to make some new additions to your winter wardrobe without spending a fortune.

Another shop I love is Mint Velvet. They have so many fabulous coats and jackets in at the moment and someone gorgeous bright dresses to add a bit of colour to your winter wardrobe. I have loads of bits from Mint Velvet that I wear all the time and I always get complimented on them and asked where they're from. Here's a few bits I just thought were stunning! Also a great place to get a special outfit in the lead up to Christmas.

Next up is Bershka! Bershka has a lot of animal prints in at the moment  which I just love for this time of the year. They also have some lovely faux leather boots and cozy jumpers. Bershka is also very affordable and very trendy. I love all the leopard print pieces they have in at the moment. They have some lovely dresses that would be fab paired with tights and a pair of boots for a quick and cozy winter outfit.

Last but not least is H&M. The winter line from H&M is just amazing! They have so many fab dresses and cozy jumpers that are just great for this time of year. The quality of the woolly jumpers is fantastic, they're so thick and warm which is just perfect if you want to look great and stay warm. They also have loads of blouses which look great layered under a blazer or tucked in to a nice pair of jeans.

Those are just a few of the shops I've noticed that have gorgeous winter clothes in at the moment, all of the shops I've mentioned can be found in Dundrum Town Centre and that's where I tend to go when I'm having a look around. I hope you enjoyed this post and that it helped inspire some winter outfits! Thanks for reading.
Love, Jenny x


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